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Sales Enquiry For Industrial Cleaning Equipment
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Cleaning Guarantee & Satisfaction
Dynavac is a manufacturer of dust collectors, paint booths, blowers and industrial vacuum cleaners. Dynavac began operations at Coimbatore in 1989 and was the first industrial vacuum cleaner manufacturer in India. Dynavac machines are rugged in construction and built to provide reliable service for industrial cleaning and pollution control for dust, waste, raw material, and other pollutants.

At Dynavac, we are committed to total customer satisfaction. We achieve this goal by providing effective solutions to meet the specific needs of our customers and immediate service when needed. Our network of service engineers around the country allows us to provide our customers with unmatched service. We strive to respond to requests for service within 24 hours.

We are committed to helping you keep your industrial environment clean and safe. In addition to our expansive range of standard industrial cleaning and pollution control equipment, we offer custom vacuum equipment to meet your specific needs. We custom design multi point suction capable centralized vacuum cleaning solutions, reusable material recovery systems, vacuum tables and more.

If you are looking for a blower manufacturer, paint booth manufacturer, industrial vacuum cleaner manufacturer or dust collector manufacturer, Dynavac offers the products and services you need. Our team has a passion for excellence and a commitment to hard work. We offer more than just equipment; we provide solutions to help our customers increase profitability and productivity, while maintaining a safe and clean industrial environment.

Our Vision        : To be the leading solution provider of high quality industrial cleaning and pollution control equipment

Our Mission     : To provide solutions, not just products - which improve our customers profitability, productivity and environment

Our Values       : Integrity, Respect, Recognition, Team Work and Passion for Excellence

Daily Purpose  : To deliver 100% customer satisfaction through dedication, commitment, hard work and being process driven


Industrial Vacuum Cleaners
Single Phase Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner
Three Phase Dry Vacuum Cleaner
Three Phase Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner
Pulse Jet vacuum Cleaner
Oil and Chip Collector
Flame Proof Vacuum Cleaner
Pharmaceutical Vacuum Cleaner
Car Cleaning Vacuum Cleaner
Compact Vacuum Cleaner
Food Graded Vacuum Cleaner
Centralized Vacuum Cleaner
Dust Collectors
Multiple Bag Dust Collector
Huge Filtration Dust Collector
Large Filtration Dust Collector
Cyclone Dust Collector
Fume Extractors
Portable Dust Collectors
Downdraft Table Dust Collector
Wood Dust Collectors
Bag Filter Dust Collector
Grind Master
Side Channel Blowers /Ring Blowers/Regenerative Blowers
Centrifugal Blowers
Paint Booth
Water Wash Spray Paint Booth
Dry Spray Paint Booth
Oil Mist Collectors
Oil Mist Collector